Delta Chi

Brothers, Alumni, Parents, and Friends, with a new year upon us our chapter is in stride to accomplish great things. Our membership continues to grow at a rapid rate and our brotherhood has never been stronger. Myself, along with the rest of the executive board eagerly await to see all of our accomplishments this year.  

I am blessed to be a part of this great brotherhood and look forward to seeing how this chapter grows. I have full confidence that the Executive Board is ready for the challenges alongside the active brothers who are the most supportive and hardworking fraternity men around Florida State. I hope everyone is as excited about this upcoming year as I am. I plan on updating this website often for everyone. Posting pictures and calendar events as often as I can to keep you all updated with what we are doing as a fraternity. We are all ready for the challenges ahead and with the support from alumni and parents, we will advance this fraternity.

In the Bond,
Tyler Katgara
President "A"


Tyler Katgara

President "A"

Chase Staley

Vice-President "B"             

Paul Nikrooye-Asli
Secretary "C"

Zack Morrison
Treasurer "D"

Ethan Hoffer
Alumni Relations "E"

Parker Dewitt
Risk Management "F"


We raised $1050.00!


$3950 to our goal!

We are very grateful to have our Chapter house, but our expenses have increased because so. With chapter house rent, bills, and other related fees, we are having to budget stronger. Any donation to help with these fees would be greatly appreciated!

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Albert Barboni $100.00
July 19, 2014

Christopher Riley $100.00
July 13, 2014

David Gould $100.00
All the best Brothers. Hope to meet you guys at the tailgate.
July 17, 2014

Juan Carlos Gonzalez $100.00
Congratulations Deta Chi - Florida State: Great Moments Ahead.
July 13, 2014

Kevin Hagan $100.00
Third Time is the Charm. Step up Brothers of the second chartered FSU chapter to help these excellent men continue their success!
July 16, 2014

Marcus Slusher $100.00
Congrats bros
June 1, 2015

Peter Bostwick $100.00
July 14, 2014

Ronald Woods $250.00
April 8, 2015

stephen merrill $100.00
I would love to go to Tallahassee and have a place some guy’s would get beers out of my cooler for me, perhaps buy some steaks…..
December 29, 2016

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